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In today’s stressful environment, whether in the workplace or at home; we stride to be a high performer in all that we do. In a competitive workplace, your employees face pressure to sustain themselves as top notch performers, which can lead to burn out as seen with the latest Great Resignation movement. At Kim’s Healing, we can’t help with your company’s daily operation, but we can help your employees with Emotional Intelligence and a deeper sense of engagement and purpose. Our bodywork can reduce your employees' stress levels and anxiety resulting in a heightened sense of wellness and connection.  As such, your employees may experience increased awareness and productivity to become more present and focused, leading to improved performance.


Today's leading employers are already including bodywork and robust physical benefits in their Wellness and Employee Appreciation programs. It is a small token to pay to recognize your employees with a high value output in return.


What can Kim’s Healing Center do for your company?

Kim’s Healing Center has been performing bodywork in The Greater Lehigh Valley for nearly 30 years.

We look forward to bringing our knowledgeable and compassionate team members to your office during your operational hours to suit your schedule. We have the ability to set up portable bodywork chairs to engage in therapeutic healing sessions at your office; all you have to do is provide us with an empty room and head counts. We look forward to bringing healing and compassionate care to your workforce.

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